News Update 10

29-04-2022 News Update 10


Hi Nadine here…

As promised, here are some ideas on How to Wear a String of Beads…..see below

Note Sharon Stone’s styling with the same Beaded Necklace…. see the photos? See the difference?

Also, I had an opportunity to spend time with a very Energetic Lady…. horse-riding, bungy-jumping, working hard, playing hard… no time to get her wardrobe organized….. AND THAT’S where I can help.

I spent 2 hours with Verna…. and helped her get rid of clothing pieces that was “just taking up space”.

You know, space occupied needs to be functional, practical, positive & beneficiary….. RIGHT? Space is valuable. It costs.

We all need help… but its not easy to ask… AND…. do we know we need help? Are we getting the correct advise we need?

Sometimes, a good 20min of consulting is all the help you need…. for now. The thought is planted, let YOU ponder. I am here. ASK.


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