News Update 16

01-07-2022 News Update 16


Hi Nadine here…

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to spend some time with Juanita & her daughter at Tygervalley.

My Heart was filled with the Love that Mother & Daughter shares.

The Understanding they have was Inspiring.

We had the time to “meet” in the car… driving & chatting… a FAST introduction to understanding Juanita’s Life & Personality.

Such pleasure in their souls they have, honest, vibrant & open.

As I have explained before, it is important for me to understand a Client’s Personality & Lifestyle…. to be able to match her Style.

We need to be open about what we like & dislike about ourselves – How do YOU see YOURSELF?

Sometimes we are so focused on the “dislike” about ourselves, that we forget the GOOD STUFF.

Focus on “The GOOD”, “The I-LIKE-About-ME”.
YES – we always need to improve & learn, but EMBRACE YOURSELF!

Joanita has a “VIBEY” personality.

Elegant & Secured in Light Blues & Greens.
She has an ability to be FLEXIBLE in what she wears.

It is important as a person to TRY.
Trial & Error.
We Learn from our Failures.

It is important to TRY Clothing Pieces – Garments & Fabrics you never thought you would wear.

We have to adapt to our Bodies & Lifestyles.
Try that Dress on – what do you have to loose?

Sometimes garments are so beautiful on hangers, but so uncomfortable to wear.

Or a garment could have NO HANGER APPEAL, but looks amazing on a person.

I will not be able to wear the same Jean style I did 20years ago. 

Neither do I want to….. 
I enjoy what Life throws at me. 

My High Heals hurts my back…. and I prefer Wedges…if I must.

A Slight Heal works well….but if I could wear Slip Slops in Winter…I would.

Clothing is very BROAD MINDED, it is up to ourselves to Pin-Point our “Look & Feel Good” Style.

Remember that you are sending out a message, do it with Kindness & Respect.

Feel free to contact me if you need advise on “The I-LIKE-About-ME” Styling.

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