News Update 27

06-10-2022 News Update 27


Hi Nadine here…

On Saturday, we had the opportunity to help Lindsay visual some clothing possibilities, wearing something she would not of have worn before. Lindsay was a real “Sport” & “Go Getter”….and the Loadshedding did not stop her.

So… we know what looks good on us – right?
I do this too… “I am comfortable in what I wear… so I know what to buy”.
We can get stuck in that “bubble”.
Step out… see what a Professional Wardrobe Planner, like myself, can do for you.

Letting someone dress you, is fun.
Be open for suggestions. Trial & Error – this is how we learn… together.
Together we discover a better YOU.

We experimented & discovered some new ideas for Lindsay’s wardrobe.
We played with adding some new colors, stripes, floral prints & new necklines.
She sparkles in soft yellow.

Every person has a different view of one-self.
The people around you, create you.
Having an “outsider”, could “stir the pot & bring new flavor”.

Calvin has a wonderful team whom assisted me at the mall.
We all had so much fun!
I know I did…. 

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