News Update 57

07-09-2023 News Update 57

calvinBusinessHi, Nadine here….

We have some new photos!

As you know, I do this Part-Time. I do this, not only because I LOVE IT, but for the Direction it Takes US.
Informing, Inspiring & In-taking.

For many years, the 1st of September brings a pounce in my step. 

It is the time for SPRING. 
Not quite sure where it went to this year (Cape Town)… but we can still see the Namaqualand Flowers Blooming.
Global warming is no joke.

Spring is the time I like to Re-Create from the Old & Cold. Spring to me, is time to adjust. Time to Bloom.

Being Full-Time in the Clothing Industry, it is a part of me to see “what-Is-Happening” in stores & fashion. It is a Never-Ending Story.

Do not forget to Re-Vamp & Re-Cycle & Re-Use where possible. Production is here to stay.

I went to 2 of my favorite Clothing Stores to see what is Officially In-Store.

One of them are the “Prêt à Porter” … the International Scene of the Ever changing Fast Fashion.

This store follows Fashion, a development taken over months of preparing the targets.

The other is an South African Own Signature Clothing store.
People know what they will find and understand the clothing.
The Fabrics are to our consumers use…. that works for us. 
It is adapted to US…. The wonderful Rainbow Nation that we are.
Our Climate & Our Personality.

Remember to Try & Try & Try some more.
To feel & fit is important.

Make sure you are wearing easy access clothing, for quick & easy Un-Dress.

– No or little make-up.
Make-up on garments does nothing for its “sale”.

– Comfy underwear.
If you know you going to try on tight jeans, do not use your P.J Bloomers.

When you are shopping for an Evening dress, do not wear your Sports Brae.

– Slip on Shoes.
If you keep have to tie / buckle up after every fit – you will get annoyed very quickly.

– Bags:
You are going to need as small as possible bag. 
Only your basics = phone, cards, cash, keys, ect.
I like to use my Moon-Bag!

– Shop Bags:
If you going to shop & not Window Wish – take a fold-up bag. 


Like the Namaqualand fields.

On this part of the world, DENIM is always a good investment. The choices are ALWAYS inspiring.

The Outcome should be fun & tiring.
If you not tired after fittings, then you have a Special Place in my Envious Heart.

It is hard work… and I am here to Assist & Advise YOU.

You need help on wardrobe planning, styling & clothing?
I would love to talk to you more about the above, you may contact me – see here below:
I would love to talk to you more about the above, you may contact me – see here below:

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