News Update 50

21-07-2023 News Update 50


Hi, Nadine here…

Corporate wear, some people think its a necessity, some think its boring. 
Some thinks it conservative… and others flourish in their “suits”.
With me – nothing is dull & boring.

Here are some facts:

Corporate wear is any clothing that an employee wears on behalf of or under the instruction of their employer. Wearing appropriate smart, attractive, and professional clothing promotes an individual organization and makes it stand out from the competition.

Corporate Clothing can be a term used to describe the ‘uniform’ that is worn on a daily basis while at work. In some cases, this is simply a certain look called corporate dress and is made up of suiting and a dress shirt with the proper accessories. In others, corporate clothing can be an actual uniform specified by the company, often branded with embroidery or printing, in a variety of styles and degree of casualness, depending on the industry.

There are no hard and fast rules or policies that stretches across every industry, so what actually constitutes corporate clothing is open to interpretation. In general, you can break down business wear into several different categories:

1 – Corporate Clothing:
This category can mean a wide variety of garments from corporate suits to business shirts and blouses. Corporate garments are tailored, well-fitting pieces that are often a variety of neutral tones including black, white and navy and the ensemble often features pops of colour in the accessories.

You want high quality, smart and modern styling for a corporate look, one that leaves your customers or clients with a feeling of confidence in your team’s experience and leaves a positive impression. And, not only will your customers feel a surge of confidence, your team will as well.

2 – Business Uniforms:
Every industry will have its own standard uniform, from healthcare with its scrubs, tunics and trousers to food and beverage/catering with aprons, trousers and a variety of shirts.  A major reason for a uniform is to present your employees as professionals and to make them easily identifiable to clients and customers. For your staff it gives them a sense of belonging and a team atmosphere.

The proper uniform is vital for your employees, and not just for the above reasons. Choosing the right garments will often help them do their jobs well, whether they wear aprons, coveralls or a nurses tunic. From technical fabric polo shirts to safety features such as inbuilt light reflective strips for safety.

3 – Business Workwear:
This may sound similar to business uniforms, but in the garment industry business workwear includes personal protective equipment (PPE), safety gear clothing. With a focus on health and safety for your team, the proper gear and garments will protect them during their duties making your focus safety, quality, image and value when choosing individual garments.

You’ll have discovered that a majority of safety and PPE clothing has a similar look, but with the proper branding treatment your team can really stand out from the crowd with embroidery or printing on their workwear.

4 – Business Casual:
Even if your team wears business casual or even casual clothing to work, providing branded outerwear such as gilets, fleeces, soft shells or sweatshirts/jumpers will present a uniform look for your team when they are on premises or off.

And for the ultimate ease in your employee wardrobe management, I can offer solutions in making the management of your employees’ wardrobe effortless and efficient.

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