News Update 48

07-07-2023 News Update 48


Hi, Nadine here…

Last week Saturday I  met with Megan at Tyger Valley. 
I was excited to hear that 2 of my favorite stores opened there. 

Megan is a “Petite Punch”.

Megan explained to me about her ideas & wishes about her future. 

We wanted to do a Corporate shoot at a store, but then realized that the stores I wanted to do with her did not have her sizing.

 BUT – it all worked out and we had Fun.

We forget Petite Woman also struggle to find their fits.

We wanted to a Corporate Look – but ended up playing with what Megan Felt Good in.

Megan explained “The Look”she is wanting & the Fabrics she loves…. so we decided to have some Fun instead.

We went “off” the Corporate & focused on the “Feel Good Creatively” instead.

Megan & I will meet again… on a “Corporate Shop Date”….but in a different store.

Every Mall / Store caters for the people in the area.
If Navy T-shirts sell year through – there will be Navy T-shirts year through… because it sells.

So, if you are struggling to find clothing in your area… change area stores.

My Point is that we need to Explore to Find our “Fashion Place”.

Remember, we need to adapt & change all the time.
Improve & Grow.

You need help on wardrobe planning, styling & clothing?

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