News Update 47

30-06-2023 News Update 47


Hi, Nadine here…

Why am I doing this? 
I am Passionate about Clothing Pieces & People feeling good about themselves.

I understand & experience the amount of work that is spent on making a garment. 
I also understand Low Self Esteem & how it affects a person’s Image, been there myself.

How does it effect you? 
Feeling comfortable with your Image & understanding the importance of having a Sustainable Wardrobe.

The Definition “Passion for Fashion” has changed throughout the years.

My Key-Words on this subject:
– garments with less maintenance = less wash & iron.
– fabric quality & sustainability.
– garment construction.
– value of garment & cost.
– comfortability.
– fit on person.
– final appearance & message to public.
– practicality in style.
– feeling good.
– flexibility of garment.
– creativity.

We have to be Grateful & Respectful to what we Buy & Wear.

Do you know the steps a garment’s history has to go through, before you have it in your wardrobe?
Ever wondered how many people it takes to make a garment be in a store?
Every garment has a Story to tell.

We need to stay updated, informed, flexable & sane is today’s world.
Human population is growing at extreme amount & Mother Nature is depleting.

My Passion is to educate people on Clothing Pieces & Self-Style.

I am so EXCITED about our our Next Step – we are creating our first Magazine.
I will be able to express, educate & advise from this platform.

Excited & Passionate.

You need help on wardrobe planning, moving, styling & clothing?
I would love to talk to you more about the above, you may contact me – see here below:
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082 699 1229


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