News Update 42

25-05-2023 News Update 42


Hi, Nadine here…

Once had an opportunity and made a booking with KayLee & Zianca’s at Kay-Zi Make-up Workshop, for a few hours. 

A good 4 hours spent learning about Make-up brushes, cleaning, applying, functions… O-my… I can carry on ForEver!

I seriously enjoyed the company & laughter.
What a difference 4 hours could do to a person!

Some Self Love. Energized.

I have never been much of a “make-up person”. I was blessed with good skin.

Life happens, we change. We learn to adapt.

How do we learn to adapt? Who do we ask?

We ask the Professional, the Experienced person. We turn to books, Google and Elder.

Sometimes, the most precious advise…comes from a child: “Why are you always looking so tired, Aunty Nads?”

The reason for this Newsletter, the Make-up Workshop was a big “Eye Opener”- for my Mind & Soul too. 

I have seen faces transform in front of me…. and in the process their smiles too.

A person can not grow in wisdom & knowledge alone.
The theory needs to be applied with practice.

Yes – its a choice…. an understanding to the basics steps of life.

One step at a time. Mind Set Change.

Truth is, since I have started with Calvin….I have learned more about myself, not just for the Business Sake, but in Life in general.

Doing & starting the Youtube, seeing myself “more often”… I realized how life has effected me. 

Embracing myself & accepting life processing, I understood my “wake up call”.

I needed help & advise on how to apply make-up….I realized I actually had NO CLUE.

Reading Magazines & following YouTube did not help me… the WORKSHOP helped me the MOST.

I care about you… because I enjoy caring about myself too.

My Clothing & Styling Experience is able to help you.
I am not here to judge you, but advise you.

You need help on wardrobe planning, styling & clothing?
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