News Update 39

04-05-2023 News Update 39


Hi, Nadine here…

I had an Radio Talk last week…. BOY! was I nervous!!
Shaking like a Leaf!

Hannelie quickly brought me to ease… and I enjoyed our talk.

She calms me – a special gift she has… and when she speaks – it feels like she takes you down a stream… calmly leading you into the corners & out again…. without knowing it. 

Hannelie steers you into the Flow.

Her companion, Anneke was very interesting.
Teaching me words I did not know existed.

Inspiring Ladies – wish I could have more time with them.
I think…the 3 of us… could begin a Trinity of good Vibes… Inside & Out.
Questions were asked and I realized that a few people actually understand what I do. It is difficult for me to express myself in words.

I have always been a practical person, a “do-er”… I do. 
My proof is usually visual.

My biggest downfall is to be able to explain my doings.
The more people ask me questions, the better answers I will have. 

I need to put my fears aside & tackle the bull by the horns. 

Practice makes perfect.
I believe we need to learn on a daily basis – improve where we are able…

I will need to improve in this field… Explaining my “Visualism”. 

I must get more people to ask me questions about how I do “This”.

Are you hiding from plain sight?
Do you live for your children?
Are you uncomfortable in your own skin?
Do you feel you give and have no returns?
All of these questions above influences the way you think… feel & look.

I might not always have the answers, but I definitely am able to help find a solution. Please do not under estimate my “doings”, just because I struggle to verbalize my ideas.

I am grateful for Calvin & his team – guiding & teaching me the ways.
Me too – we learn.

Please ask me any questions you have.
No matter how short or long.
I am waiting for you…..

You need help on wardrobe planning, moving, styling & clothing?

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