News Update 34

07-03-2023 News Update 34


Hi, Nadine here…

We met at Canal Walk last Saturday. 
Calvin introduced me to Lindie.
Only had an hour, but we learned allot from each other.

Lindie has a Calmness over her, I wished I had.
I am naturally a “Jittery” person and her Calmness & “All-is-Good” Nature was Inspiring.

We all have our negative areas we personally know about….and touches our insecurities.
Our downfall is that we tend to hide our personal downfalls…. but what might be your downfall, could actually not be “that bad”. 

We tend to spend more Energy / Thoughts on what our Negative Pointers are, rather than Embracing the Positive side.

Human Nature.

Sometimes hiding “what-you-think-is-your-downfall”, could make your ability to be Creative, less.

This is One of the Reasons, why I am Here for YOU.


I wear an XL at some stores….and Large at other…. and XXXL at China Town.
It does not matter what size you buy.
It matters how the clothing piece Looks & Feels for YOU.

If you have been following my NEWSLETTERS, you will know that I always Emphasize on Comfort-ability.
When you are comfortable, you are more Confident… 
Do you agree?

No one is Perfect – even Models.
We do not always see what is happening “Behind-the-Scenes”.
You know that already…

Lindie was eager to Try….
Trial & Error.
Do not be afraid to Try.

One of the BENEFITS in Assisting YOU at a Mall, is the fact that I do the Running & Fetching,  for YOU.

I work in the Clothing Industry.
As a Student, I worked in a Big Clothing Store.
I helped customers find what they were looking for.
Customer service – I understand it.

My experiences in clothing stores, dealing with Walk-In-Customers – helped me understand what a DRESS ROOM PANIC feels like.

I am your Assistant & Adviser.
You are able to stay in the cubicle…. I fetch the clothing pieces for you.
Less Sweat for you.
Less Time waiting in ques.

I give my Honest Opinion.
I do not make money on the sale you make.

My Focus is getting you to enjoy your shopping experience.

Lindie said:
“I enjoyed the experience, you made the shopping & fittings it so much easier for me.

I feel more comfortable choosing clothing pieces now…. without being concerned about the size label. Our time was short, but would of made our experience better if we had more time to try more viriaties of clothing pieces.

You will be able to give more advise.
Otherwise, I had a good experience.”

I am your Personal Assistant at a Mall of your choice.
Experience it.

You need help on wardrobe planning, moving, styling & clothing?

I would love to talk to you more about the above, you may contact me – see here below:

I would love to talk to you more about the above, you may contact me – see here below:

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