News Update 33

23-02-2023 News Update 33


Hi, Nadine here…

My services as a Wardrobe Planner, also brings to focus points when we go shopping.

We discuss quality, fittings, prices…. you get the picture….right?

My advise is honest, to what I see and my experience in my history of field…which is quite a broad spectrum. Every person is SPECIAL.

I hear and learn from you; I advise you on a Clothing Function in Styling.

My service is for my client to be happy…. to my best ability, as a Consultant in Clothing Quality, Fits & Planning in a way where YOU are comfortable.

Would this be ideal for you?

The type of women who benefit from Image Consulting:

– Women who can’t make up their minds when they shop for clothing- always doubting their choice.

– People who are unsure due to their body-shapes.

– Woman who don’t know how to mix & match. (eg. clothing or color or fabric)

– For the woman who – when at an important social occasion – she don’t know if she is too casual or
too smart and then feels uncomfortable as a result

– Women with cluttered wardrobes which leads to frustration

The Solution:

– She will feel good about the way she looks

– She will understand her choices better after consultation

– She will have her own improved individual Style / Look.

– She will have one-to-one ongoing assessments.

– She will get unique personal professional advise.

– She will have more Confidence and feel Empowered

My clients always reflect a sense of style, even when they wear jeans because their wardrobe is always well planned for any and every occasion.

I would love to talk to you more about the above, you may contact me – see here below:

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