News Update 31

02-02-2023 News Update 31


Hi, Nadine here…

So… We are BACK! 
2023 is here…. February already….

So, this year started off well for me… and I hope for you too.
China has their New Year of the Rabbit….I already feel like I am Hopping from one direction to the next.
Embracing it.

My first assignment for the year, was to help my very Special Client into her Dream Family Home.

As we know, Moving is very stressful & overwhelming… but can be exciting too.
I can relate very well, as I have stopped counting at the age of 15…. by then we have moved 15 times. 
Ironic / Iconic to remember.

We have to embrace & accept, changes & issues. 
Its the only way we can move forward.
A person must have “Lows” to appreciate the “Highs”.
By accepting the “Lows” faster – we can enjoy the “Highs” sooner.
If you do not accept it – MAKE THE CHANGE.

I have assisted my Special Client on a few occasions… Cheryl requested me to help her unpack her & hubby’s boxed wardrobe, into their New Wardrobe Closets.
It took me a little over 5 hours – and there was more to do.

As I have had “direction” with Cheryl’s wardrobe before, I was fortunate to know & have an indication of what clothing pieces there are.
It is easier knowing my client’s wardrobe, before big house moving.

The Cupboards were Fresh!
I gave a slight “dust-off” of the “new dust”. 
Removed clothing from boxes, suitcases & bags… placed the clothing pieces into the empty spaces.
After unpacking clothing pieces into cupboards – I then put the pieces in order to be functional for Cheryl & hubby.

There will always be hurdles & struggles in any situation.
Cheryl’s most important suitcase could not open – all her Day-to-Day clothing was in there.
Her son finally opened it, late that evening.
Next time I have a “lock” problem – I know whom to ask… ha-ha-ha.

Unfortunately – I had no control over the Locked Suitcase – and the Locked Suitcase wanted TIME & ATTENTION to get it open.
My time was running out fast… as I thought 4 hours would of been sufficient.
I knew the suitcase was very important for Cheryl, but to get the Boxes empty & out was 1st priority to me.
A person needs to be able to know where your goodies are when moving.
Everything must go into their “places”.
You do not want to climb over boxes & look for items the next day.

Your rest is crucial that night.
Moving is stressful.
Make sure your bed is ready when you want to sleep.
A good sleep can take you far the next day.

All-and-all… I had a good workout & time flew.
I enjoyed it.
Cheryl was grateful.

Here is to wishing you all the Very Hopping Best for this year.
Remember to do the Right Thing for the Right Reasons.
Hop into the right Spot.

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