News Update 30

10-11-2022 News Update 30


Hi, Nadine here…

Last week Thursday, we had our “Year End Celebrations” at BARNYARD…  just to say “Thank you” to fellow people that has helped me this year in starting my Image Consulting. Not everyone could make it…. but I am hoping we can have some more “Fun-Get-Togethers” in 2023.

Yes – here we are…. 2022 is almost over.

Before 2023 comes knocking, we need to finalize 2022 & say “Good Bye” to the Past & “Hallo” to the Future.
Cleaning out the OLD & embracing the NEW….

So… THANK YOU to EVERYONE that has helped me in 2022 with my Image Consulting.
The Advise & Motivation I received was awesomely positive, I could not allow myself to drag my feet.
It was too FUN, to let it slide.

I have met WONDERFUL people & EACH one of YOU has a SPECIAL place in my heart.

Calvin, especially ….. you are TOP on my list.
Thank you for your hard work in focusing on me & guiding me in the right direction.
I have never imagined anyone understanding my Dream…. as much as you have.
I am not the greatest in speaking or explaining…. but Calvin saw the picture I was trying to explain to him.
Calvin brings out the Best in a person.

Calvin’s TEAM – Collin & Cynthia…. THANK YOU for all your hard work.
I seriously appreciate the good work.

All the Ladies who had the opportunity to be my Model for a few hours, THANK YOU.
The People that gave me advise & assisting me, I appreciate YOU.

Nothing could explain how Sincerely Grateful I am to ALL of YOU.

BUT… this is NOT the END my Friend…. neither is it “Good Bye”….. we are just in beginning stages.

You need help on wardrobe planning, styling & clothing?
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