News Update 28

14-10-2022 News Update 28


Hi Nadine here…

For many years now, I have been interested in doing Image consulting and have attained an image consulting qualification.

However, my difficulty has been to turn this passion into a sustainable small business. I have always had this dream but lacked a good plan to achieve this.

Let me explain….
I work with women to access their wardrobe so that it does reflect their personality and style

My expertise is to improve my client’s physical appearance so that it resonates with their personal uniqueness and confidence. It gives greater freedom in the way they interact with friends and colleagues.

I also offer Personal Shopping Consultations.

It’s always best “hands-on” when shopping; the fit, the fabric, the detail, the colour….

During the process, I learn to understand YOU, as a person and your goals in “looking & feeling good”. This is TEAM-WORK

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are unsure what to wear when you next leave the house.

  • It’s a HUGE boost to your confidence
  • You will gain clearer self-image
  • As a side product you will learn to appreciate your worth
  • You will increase your executive presence for better job opportunities
  • Most importantly, you will learn to send the right message with your style

I have a YouTube Channel as well as a more effective way to showcase what I do for clients.  Please go to the link below and subscribe to my channel for exciting future content.

WhatsApp Me or Contact me directly on
082 699 1229