News Update 23

01-09-2022 News Update 23


Hi Nadine here…

Cheryl needed help to declutter her Winter Wardrobe. 
I was welcomed with love, a beautiful cup of cappuccino & “smul lekker” scones.

We spent 4 hours removing clothing pieces that was non functional, out dated, damaged and forgotten. 
We also put clothing into marked clear plastic bags for garments that needed to be fixed; dry cleaned and/or needed to be replaced.

Cheryl has more space now. 
The clothing pieces left in her wardrobe, I organized so, that Cheryl is able to see her wearable clothing pieces.
It is so much easier to get dressed when you can see what is available.

I have taken photos of the garment pieces Cheryl needs to replace and sent to her as a reminder.
Currently we are looking online & in-store for similar to replace with.
We need our basics…. our 2nd skins…. our “can-not-do-with-outs”.

Majority of us are visual when it comes to putting clothing pieces together for ourselves. 
(Excluding visual impairments & other disorders.)

Functional Clothing:
Functional clothing is considered to be one, which purpose is to satisfy the need for functionality and adaptivity to certain conditions.
Do you still want to hold on to your High School Scholar Signed shirt, from 1992? 
Or the Gumboots that leaks…?… because they are prettier?

Out Dated:
“Vintage” you say? 
We are in a complete New Era of Lifestyles – we recycle, fight animal cruelty & we are trying to save Mother Earth.
Is the fabric still wearable?
Yes, the wheal turns in Fashion & History… but… we are NOW wiser.
We also have the technology to produce nearly ANYTHING.

I use to wear Boys Clothing in the 1980’s…. now = we get BoyFriend Jeans & BoyFriend Tee’s!
Back in the 1990’s – I was wearing allot of 2nd hand clothing, that I bought…and loved to wear.

“Hand Me Downs” is a way of life…. it is fun & sentimental. A story to tell. History.
As long as you do not get “chained down” by it. 
Then rather let it go.

According to the DSN English report on fashion trends, trends repeat every 20-30 years because of “generational changes as well as designers taking inspiration from styles their parents wore.” 
Children are being influenced by their parents’ clothing and seeking inspiration to translate that into “modern” clothing.
Vintage clothing is a generic term for garments originating from a previous era.

Damaged Clothing:
Does your zip work? 
Is the hem loose? 
Need a button? 
Get it fixed!

Is it better to fix or replace it?

Forgotten Pieces:
The more often we wear the clothing pieces, the more “to the front” or “obviously reachable” the pieces are.
The less worn pieces “falls behind” and because we do not see it often, we forget about them. 
Non visual clothing can get lost in your wardrobe.
It is important to “revamp” your wardrobe every season. 
Know what is in your cupboard, box, suitcase….. garage.

Dry Clean:
90% of the time – during season change of wardrobes – we need to have our jackets, shirts & dresses Dry Cleaned.
Dirty marks we did not see before…. you know….no?
Mothball smells?

To Be Replaced:
Garments that need to be replaced are garments we wear ALL THE TIME.
We wear them until they can not be worn anymore.
Take a photo of it – flat on the floor and shop for a replacement.

At the end of the day – we need to look into our closets.
Clean out the negativity.
Have fun.
Enjoy the future.

Know what you like. Be open to change & constructive criticism. Improve. Learn.
Enjoy the ride of life.

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