News Update 21

11-08-2022 News Update 20


Hi Nadine here…

Image consulting is a branch of work that focuses on enhancing a client’s personal or business image through appearance, conduct, and engagement. It’s the process of determining how a person’s physical look affects their personal and professional appearance.

It is common knowledge that first impressions are important. When you go into a room, the first thing people notice is your body language, your appearance, and how you portray yourself. When you dress professionally and appropriately, you instantly feel better, your confidence levels increase, and you feel prepared.

What you wear affects how others see, respond, and interact with you. It can also profoundly alter your mood, stimulate your mind, enhance your self-worth, and make you feel more confident and powerful. The colors, patterns, texture, and even the look of the garments you wear can serve to support and uplift you or stop you dead in your tracks. Of course, you know this intuitively, but you often dismiss it as irrelevant or
trivial. Clothing, however, is anything but trivial.

Image Consultants provide helpful advice on accessories, clothing, style, design, colour, materials, and a variety of other connected and relevant topics to their clients. They also assist you in making shopping and apparel decisions so that you can shop quickly and just buy what you require, as well as contribute to your makeover.

Women feel more confident and empowered when the outer appearance of the way they dress and look is aligned with their inner authentic self.

Getting an image revamp can help you in many ways:

It’s a HUGE boost to your confidence
You will gain clearer self-image
As a side product you will learn to appreciate your worth
You will increase your executive presence for better job opportunities
Most importantly, you will learn to send the right message with your style

There are so many ’experts’ out there giving comments on the way you dress, but now you no longer have to be despondent as I will give you the right advice you truly need to dress successfully for all occasions. My advise is honest, to what I see and my experience in my history of field… which is quite a broad spectrum. Every person is SPECIAL.

Let me help you edit your closet by getting rid of the things that no longer fit who you are and instead fill it with the right things saving you space, time, money, and hours of searching for the “right thing to wear.”

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