News Update 20

05-08-2022 News Update 20


Hi Nadine here…

It was Verna’s Birthday, we celebrated at a Swiss Deli…. the company was very amusing…..and food was amazing.
Using the opportunity, I would like to give you my thoughts about INDIVIDUAL STYLING.
How can we dress, to bring out the best of our personality… while looking stylish?

Google’s Definition reads as follows:

  1. The quality or character of a particular person or thing       that distinguishes them from others of the same kind,especially when strongly market 
  2. Separate existence.

Components Of Individual Styling:

  • A person’s physical characteristics.
  • the physical and professional environment.
  • the financial and time resources.
  • the person’s personal style wants.

In our day, we have had endless different phases of Fashion & Styling to choose & change from.
What separates us from each other?
How does our personalities reflect through clothing?
Does our character show?

People are able to identify a person by what they wear.
It is up to oneself to show & address the public with your own reason.
The key to Individual Styling is learning Who You Are, which takes years. 
We learn, we change… 

Fashion legend Iris Apfel said in an interview with ELLE in 2013: “There is no ‘How-To-Road-Map’ to style. It’s about self-expression and, above all, attitude.”

In our age of influencers, Instagram and celebrity trendsetters, the idea of embracing individuality is becoming increasingly relevant. Instead of dressing like someone else, finding a style that represents who you are is a powerful communication tool. It can give you an identity – and on top of that, it sets you apart from the crowd.

But how do you break free from uniformity? How do you Stand-out?

The most important thing, Style-wise, is looking and feeling like yourself. It’s not good to outsource your taste to anyone else. It’s a choice, and I really love it when people use that choice and look like themselves.

I like feeling comfortable, bold, colorful. I love Animal Prints and wearing statement pieces. Fabric & Cut-lines are important too. Anything that reflects “Happiness”. Color always makes me feel invigorated and enlivened. I feel most powerful when I’m in tune with my body, my surroundings and, most importantly, my feelings. My hair also influences my Individuality. 

No matter what I’m wearing, it means I feel like myself. Individuality means not being afraid to do what feels best for you instead of what people want to impose on you. 

My advice to anyone who is still exploring their personal style is to go into your wardrobe and look at what you own. Go through the things you love to wear. Try them on and even take pictures, then really reflect on why you like that item and what makes you feel good. Try to find patterns. If it’s a pair of great jeans, what is it that you love? The fit, the colour? Find a common thread and amplify that. I am able to help you with this, you may contact me on the links below:

If you are styling a really strong, statement-making piece, my approach is to find something to counterbalance it. So, if it’s an amazing pair of snake-print trousers, try a white T-shirt or hoodie. Bring it into the real world and dress it down.

Our Uniqueness, originality….singles us from other particularities & distinctiveness.

Be yourself. Learn about yourself. Grow.

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