News Update 14

10-06-2022 News Update 14


Hi Nadine here…

We had an AWESOME 1980’s Evening, at The BARNYARD

The Evening was a BIG = THANK YOU to my Clients / Friends. 

The evening was filled with Fun, Joy & Laughter.

It was such a pleasure to be able to spend time with people who believe in you/oneself.

Energy creates energy….. Positive Vibes = Positive Grows.

Brilliant show. Personally, I enjoyed “Going-Back-In-Time” – gave me an opportunity to REFRESH my memory.

A few laughs – but allot of BRIGHT & EXTREME memories.

Big Hair, Bright Tights…. Fashion was Fun! No? People EXPRESSED themselves in all directions.

Well, in FASHION… we believe that the WHEEL ALWAYS TURNS & TIME WILL TELL.

There has been allot of improvement….but we can see the New 1980’s in the 2022’s coming back into our Stores & Streets.

Please take a peak at my Mood Boards – see:

I am grateful for everyone sharing & inspiring me…. as I wish to send the energy Bouncing Back.

Once again Calvin & his team = THANK YOU.

I cant wait for our NEXT “Get Together.”

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