News Update 13

03-06-2022 News Update 13


Hi there Everyone,

Hope all are warm & healthy.

Personally, I am much more of a “Sun-&-Swim” person…. and warming up to this weather, means; wearing the correct Winter Basics & Clothing Pieces.
Warm Socks or Stockings, “Might Rain” Shoes or Boots, Warm Vest, Waterproof Jacket, Gloves, Scarves and something to cover the Head & Ears too.
I do not like wearing 2 pairs of pants to stay warm…. you know what I mean?

One of my Offers is having an One-to-One Shopping Experience at the Mall.
I will be able to show you which Items will pass for your Comfort Ability & Practicality… with Style.
We still want to look pretty / sexy / stylish… no?

I offer the following; while we shop at a Mall, of your preference.


1 – Assisting:
I will assist you with shopping from Selecting the Clothing Pieces, Collecting at Fitting Rooms, Changing clothing pieces to be able to Fit, Assisting with Parcels.

In cubicles, I will be your “runner”, to exchange clothing pieces… for example; if you require a smaller size or a belt to add, I am able to collect In-Store.
If you are only allowed 6 garments per cubicle, I will be able to carry 6 more.

2 – Advising:
During our garment selection, I could advise Quality, Colour, Fittings & Budget with you.

It is important for me to know what your Like & Dislike, so we have an understanding on which “direction of style” we will need to follow.
I am all ears… and I listen to your requirements.

3 – Fitting:
I will advise Garment Fittings & Advise you during the process.

We are all different, we need to understand what needs attention during fittings.
Does the Style & Cut-lines compliment me?
What am I showing? Appearance.
What are you Revealing & Communicating to the next person to?

4 – Quality:
During our Mall Visit, I will advise on the Quality of the goods you would like to purchase.

Sometimes a cheap Blouse can get you a far way.
How do I look?
Is there Quality to my appearance?
Is it worth it?

5 – Price & Budget:
This is always the biggest part of your final decision when buying garments.

I have the experience in the Clothing Industry, to be able to advise if the garment is worth your budget.
You need it for Horse Riding or do you need it for a Job Interview?
Can I afford the Clothing Piece’s Life Expectancy?

6 – Colour & Print Coding:
I will advise you on which Colours, Stripes, Prints & Fabrics is best for you.

A Black & White Stripe… are we going “Beetlejuice” here? or do we prefer the Classy “Pinstripe”?
Do you look better in Optic White or Ivory?
Does Navy or Aqua work for me?

7 – Analyzing:
It is important for me to understand you & your needs.

The better I understand your Needs, the better we can Shop.

I would love to meet you at a Shopping Mall, so I am able to explain myself better.
This is a very Hands-On experience.

I would love to talk to you about BASIC CLOTHING PIECES, you may contact me – see here below:

Visit my website by clickicking the link below

WhatsApp Me or Contact me directly on
082 699 1229