News Update 09

22-04-2022 News Update 09


Hi Nadine here…

Hope you had an AWESOME EASTER weekend… healthy & grateful.

Calvin asked me to write to you about ACCESSORIES – Tips & How to wear it….. WELL …… this subject we can talk about for EVER. 🧐
If  YOU do not mind… I thought, we could focus on this subject in PARTS.

Here we go!

We all have reasons & ways to show who we are by accessorizing…. RIGHT?

You might delight in HAND PAINTED PIECES or you could follow a certain NAME BRAND…. Whatever your message is to the world, let’s do it with style & good reason.

How long is a STRING of beads? 😁

I overheard a Lady’s Mother say: ” This String of Pearls are too long.”
Lady: “Here is a shorter one mom… a choker?”
Mother: “Too short…. you want me to choke?”

My idea of a String of Beads depends on the size of the actual bead…. HOW I am going to wear it…. with WHAT … to WHERE…. NO FUSS.
Will I be playing with kids or will I be seated at a yearly function?
Too heavy? Allergic? The clip is pulling my hair on my neck….. BEING COMFORTABLE is very important to me….
Unless you have an eccentric style towards accessories – your philosophy would probably be “It is painful to be beautiful.” I understand.

Different strokes for different folks.
We are all different…. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US.

Below is an image of a string of beads as follows:
Collar = 36.5cm
Choker = 40.6cm
Princess = 45.7cm
Matinee = 50.8 or 61cm
Opera = 76.2cm
Rope = 83.8cm

For our next NEWSLETTER – I will explain on Different ways of wearing a String of Beads & with Necklines. O.K?

Let me know your thoughts and what you would like to read more about .

As I have explained above, feel free to contact me if you would like me to focus on something more specific for you.


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