News Update 08

08-04-2022 News Update 08


Hi Nadine here…

My sister always says: “You don’t eat meat at a Fish & Chips shop.” or “Not my monkey, not my circus”.
Ask the Right Questions to the Correct Person.
Getting the right help.

Who do I ask?
Where do I go?
How can I get there?

Calvin from Calvin Coaching ( has helped me to focus and teach me what I need, to be able to proceed with my Part Time Small Business.

We followed a class with Calvin on Saturday… I learned my first “thinking” procedures (baby-steps) in owning a Small Business…..and I am thinking. 🧐
Is that not what we need?

To be guided into the right path to think for ourselves, in that situation?
Being reminded of our dreams, thinking of the Big Picture?
Open Minded.

Times have changed.
Covid has made a big impact on how we think & do things today. ON-LINE SHOPPING has imploded into our lives. HAS IT NOT?

With Calvin helping me with Digital Marketing, I am physically able to see my improvements & where I need to give more attention.

I needed a Web-Site for Digital Marketing and Calvin introduced me to it.

A website to understand, to be able to succeed… to become more “self-aware” to be able to proceed.
We have to think in / for the future, we cannot be dragging in the past.
I am adapting. There are hurdles. I am facing it.

Digital Marketing also gives me the opportunity to show my readers & clients where I am able to help you.

Obviously the longer I have the website – the more info will build. It all takes time & work.
Calvin has a good team, whom is helping me “get-out-there”.

Why? Because YOU care about yourself…. and I care that you care.

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May you have a Blessed Easter.
Stay safe

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