News Update 07

01-04-2022 News Update 07


Hi Nadine here…

I had the opportunity to spend time with a very interesting Lady at the mall.

The introduction was quick and we got to work….cubicle after cubicle. Its hard work….but it was fun and we learned from each other.

I also offer Personal Shopping Consultations.

It’s always best “hands-on” when shopping; the fit, the fabric, the detail, the colour….

During the process, I learn to understand YOU, as a person and your goals in “looking & feeling good”. This is TEAM-WORK.

An Understanding. RIGHT?

My services as a Wardrobe Planner, also brings to focus points when we go shopping.

We discuss quality, fittings, prices…. you get the picture….right?

My advise is honest, to what I see and my experience in my history of field…which is quite a broad spectrum. Every person is SPECIAL.

I hear and learn from you; I advise you on a Wardrobe & Clothing Function in Styling.

Why? you ask? Because I care.

YOU, my client…. I hear YOU….and I put myself in YOUR shoes…. to understand your beauty.

My service is for my client to be happy…. to my best ability, as a Consultant in Clothing Quality, Fits & Planning in a way where YOU are comfortable.

We all need a push sometimes. Don’t we?

I am happy to answer any questions you have.

You have my contact – see below:

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