News Update 05

18-03-2022 News Update 05


Hi Nadine here…

We have a long weekend ahead of us as Monday is a public holiday.  So finally, I will be able to take a little break from all my part-time business activities and” recharge my batteries”. is my new website. All my image consultant promotions and work can be viewed under my Media Page Link.

I am excited about a new client I will be going to on Saturday next week to provide her with a new wardrobe make over.  I love doing this and want to thank Mandy for a wonderful opportunity for both of us to add a little touch of style and confidence to the day.

Women feel more confident and empowered when the outer appearance of the way they dress and look is aligned with their inner authentic self.

I am so blessed to be able to add value to the lives of so many women through my love for fashion, colours and fabrics.

Getting creative with their wardrobe mix-and-match, is a way to make them shine the moment they leave their homes.  This has always been a passion for me.

Please talk to people you know and subscribe to my YouTube Channel and follow me on Social Media, because word-of-mouth is the only way I will be able to grow in the short-term with a limited business marketing budget.

A big shout out to Calvin from CalvinBusiness who has put in a lot of effort to help me with all my Digital Marketing goals.

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